The BWC100 series waterborne, water-resistant wax-effect impregnators protect outdoor wood from the atmospheric elements in depth.Colours are light-resistant and give the wood colours lasting over time.


BWC100 series waterborne wax-effect impregnators for exterior have a capacity of 9m2 per can of 0,75l and of 30m2 per can of 2,5l.


They are applicable with synthetic bristle brush, to be washed with water after use.


Raw wood:

  • Sand with 150 grit paper.
  • Clean the surface with a cloth to remove any sanding residue.
  • Apply a first coat of primer.
  • If you want a more intense color, after 2-4 hours, apply a second coat of primer wax effect.
  • If the artifact is particularly exposed to the sun or weather, after 4 hours, apply a finish coat of wax effect of the series BWW100.

Varnished wood:

  • If in good condition, clean with mild detergent.
  • Then apply one coat of wax in the desired color effect.
  • If it is damaged or if it has slight imperfections, sand with grain paper 80/120 to remove the paint before proceeding as for the raw wood.