New 2K Polyurethane high build clear top-coats, high chemical and mechanical resistance, formaldehyde free 

(LGA020 Gloss/Series)


Today Milesi presents the new polyurethane high build clear top-coats, formaldehyde free (LGA020 Gloss/Series), developed with the aim of combining resistance and aesthetics performances with high flexibility of use, both from the application point of view that the fields of use.


LGA020 Gloss/Series top-coats are formulated with a combination of raw materials that guarantees excellent surface resistance, protecting furniture and interior wood substrates from wear and ensures its aesthetic and functional quality much better than conventional coatings.


LGA020 Gloss/Series top-coats can be applied with standard application systems and are suitable for the production of kitchens cabinets, bathrooms and residential furniture.