The leading Italian coating technology is now  available for America’s wood kitchens

To meet demanding aesthetic and technical challenges Architects, Designers and Manufacturers of furniture all over the world look to Milesi for the ultimate solutions. Following this tradition Milesi also offers a complete range of coatings for the Kitchen Cabinet industry. Our aim is to provide innovative and captivating solutions for both residential and commercial cabinetry, but above all to improve their performance characteristics such as:

  • resistance to cleaning products
  • abrasion resistance
  • scratch resistance
  • the absence of unpleasant odors due to the release of VOC gasses by the coating film, indispensable in  cabinets storing foods or  linens
  • Reduce or eliminate the coating’s yellowing effect due to exposure to light or dark

Milesi products combine both beauty and performance to guarantee that our users get world class results. Our laboratory of over 200 technicians constantly strive to  improve our coatings features such as chemical and wear resistance, elasticity, adhesion, sandability, filling power, vertical hang, dry time  and pot-life. The results are fast and easy to use coatings that are designed to increase your productivity, your quality and your bottom line. Thanks to low or no-VOC polymer and water-based  formulations all products  are designed to contribute to the steady reduction of indoor air pollution and lower environmental impact.

Solutions and services
Our product solutions include a wide and comprehensive line of coatings for Kitchen Cabinets. They readily enhance styles ranging from classic traditional, rustic or country to the most modern, sophisticated and cutting edge designs. Technical Assistance is also available for manufacturers, designers and architects to develop specific solutions for unique aesthetic or performance requirements.

Milesi products for Kitchen Cabinets include: Polyurethane and Acrylic Polyurethane coatings, Hydrocoat Water-based coatings for interiors, Polyester and Styrene-free Polyester coatings, as well as Water and Solvent base stains.

Milesi also provides a complete line of complementary products such as: Dyes, Pigmented Pastes, Glazes, Thinners,  Additives and auxiliary products,

Colors available:  Primers and finishes, stained or lacquered can be made in any desired color with excellent reproducibility.