LUA118 Acrylic Self Sealing Polyurethane
HGA19 Hydrocoat Natural Feel Waterborne Finish


IVM Research and Development Laboratories have always been keenly aware of trends and innovations in furniture design and fashion, that’s why we have developed two new products that provide superior protection of the wood while maintaining a completely natural and unfinished look.

LUA118 is an acrylic self sealing polyurethane that is the perfect combination of performance and modern aesthetic appeal. Wood finished with two coats of LUA118 is very smooth and silky and almost indistinguishable from the raw wood. This is possible because this acrylic product has a low solid content, so it doesn’t fill the grain. It also contains extenders and pigments that compensate the normal wetting effect that a coating produces on the wood. These factors along with the fact that the LUA118 also has a very low sheen (4-6 sheen) results in the wood feeling unfinished.

LUA118 has been developed for spray application. It can be used on any wood where a natural unfinished look is desired. It is the best way to enhance the beauty of open pore woods like oak and wengè since it  does not fill the grain of the wood. These features make it especially suitable for the clean and simple designs of modern furniture.

LUA118 is perfectly resistant to yellowing and since it contains UV filters it also protects the wood from color change. Finally, it also has very good wear and scratch resistance. It is possible to pigment LUA118 with a maximum of 10% of KMT if a pigmented open pore is needed.

Milesi Hydrocoat Natural Feel HGA19 is an innovative waterborne finish that protects the wood without altering its natural appearance. Our Natural Feel finish is perfect for todays modern furniture and designs where the natural organic beauty of the wood is in the foreground.

The HGA19 produces a finish that is soft to the touch and yet provides excellent performance characteristics for maximum protection of the surface. Achieving this natural effect is possible thanks to the perfect balance between opacity and transparency, and to the excellent pore definition that coating produces.

Natural Feel finish can be applied by either spray or curtain coating and drying takes place at either room temperature or by forced hot air.