The Milesi Wood Coatings high build, high performance polyester coating systems provide cost saving solutions for some of the most labor intensive wood finishing challenges. This group of coatings will not only help you overcome these challenges, but will make it simple and economical.

  • Full fill applications – Polyester sealers are the only solution for filling deep pored woods in 2-3 coats.
  • High Gloss applications - Polyester topcoats are the best choice to achieve a high gloss finish that has exceptional clarity and maintains its gloss over time .

Looking for the perfect foundation for full fill or polished gloss finishes? One that fulfills the major requirements of excellent clarity, filling power and shrinkage resistance?

The LRA94 polyester sealer not only provides the performance characteristics that are vital for these types of applications, but from a production stand point it will also save you time and labor which will also enhance your bottom line.

The application of 2 to 3 coats will completely fill the grain of most open pore woods. It is applied wet on wet so there is no sanding between coats; this saves you a significant amount of labor. The extremely high solids content insures that it will not shrink back weeks or months after it leaves your shop.

This means your finish remains flat and smooth for years to come. Finally from an aesthetic point of view the clarity of the LRA94 is unrivaled. The figure and grain of the wood is crystal clear.

If you are looking for the maximum glossy wet look then you need to look no further than the Milesi LRA870 clear, glossy polyester topcoat. Like the Milesi polyester basecoat it is applied wet on wet and when dry it can be buffed to a beautiful, long lasting deep gloss finish.

The difference between a polyester gloss topcoat and other types of topcoats is that not only will it retain its gloss over a long period of time, but it also provides the ultimate in gloss and clarity.

Finally, what about solutions for painted finishes? They too benefit from high solids, high build basecoats that resist shrinkage over time. For this application there is the LRR010 and LRR50 white polyester primers. They provide the same production benefits of high filling power, easy sanding and excellent shrinkage resistance when used as the basecoat in a pigmented system.

The LRR50 has the added benefit of being styrol free which reduces the coating’s odor. Both of these primers are considered the best basecoat for use under gloss painted finishes.