Milesi XHT series exterior wood impregnators are an integral part of the Milesi exterior coating systems.  They provide the critical foundation for increasing the durability, life and beauty of your Milesi exterior coating system and the wood substrate it protects.

Milesi impregnators are water-based and come in a clear version as well as multiple color options.  They are designed to be used under any Milesi Exterior water-base or solvent  base exterior top coat making them highly versatile and important. The Milesi impregnators are designed to be put on very wet. Dipping, brushing or using a soaked rag works best. Apply the impregnator but do not wipe off. It is critical that they saturate the wood surface.

For this reason normal spray application of these products is not recommended .

Using the Milesi impregnators as the first step in your exterior system actually increases the life of the exterior coatings system by a factor of two, compared to using a clear coat alone. 

Why you ask?  Because the impregnators are designed and formulated  to penetrate deep into the wood fibers and provide the following benefits to increase the life and protection of your exterior wood substrate.

  1. They act as a Mildewcide
  2. They act as fungicide
  3. They act as a biocide
  4. They act as an adhesion promoter

These benefits provide a coating system that protects your exterior wood substrate against, mildew, rot, insects and degradation of the wood from the inside out.

For these reasons the Milesi exterior wood impregnators used in conjunction with the appropriate Milesi clear exterior top coats are part of the recommended system for providing an exterior finish system that lasts twice as long as other traditional exterior finish systems for exterior wood

The Milesi impregnators are easy to use and make all the difference in providing an exterior finish that stands the test of time.  They are available in clear and the below colors. All of these products are stocked in our North American warehouse for easy access.